Mission, vision and goals

Mission of the Center — is to develop a competent strategy for the long term. Our core values are dedication, unity, innovation, precision, and development.

Vision of the Center — not to stop at achived level and constantly work on self-improvement. The results of carried out successful work inspire us to new ideas and methods of their implementation.

Center Strategy — digital technologies are the future of humanity. They contribute to the development of all spheres of human and state life. Digitalization of data will increase the country's development indicators.

Our goal – we strive to make the life of the country's population as easy as possible by providing services in electronic form, which will allow users to save time, money, and resources.

Министерство по развитию информационных технологий и коммуникаций Республики Узбекистан
Единый портал интерактивных государственных услуг
Национальный правовой информационный центр