Single identification system

The single identification system One ID is designed for easy access for all users to various websites and portals of state and economic authorities, local government authorities and commercial organizations.

ESI One ID enables websites to identify users to provide a range of services. To do this, users must register their personal data in ESI One ID in advance, including login, password, full name, PIN, and so on.

In order to enter the website, the user must enter the username and password from his account in the ESI One ID. After that, the system will check the compliance of the entered data and return the authentication result along with the user ID.

ESI One ID also provides an opportunity for websites to implement additional authentication of their users using a one-time password and electronic digital signature. To do this, you must specify the preferred type of authentication in the request parameters.

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Security and Authenticity

To confirm personal authenticity in the Unified Identification System, the user must present an electronic digital signature. Thus, the correspondence of a real person to a user on the Internet is ensured. This allows us to provide the most advanced government services online. In addition, through integration with central databases of individuals and legal entities. there is no need to fill in all your personal data, up-to-date information is loaded automatically and is updated in a timely manner (for example, when you change your surname or registration address).

One account - all e-government systems

Integration of One ID with e-government systems allows you to use one account to gain access to all relevant resources. You can use all services and services using your One ID account.

Integration with other sites

If you are the owner of a website and want to genuinely identify the user for the provision of any services (banking, e-commerce, etc.), then OnelD is an unauthorized and convenient way. The unified identification system is enshrined in law. In accordance with the Regulations on the Unified Identification System for Electronic Government Users, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 17, 2015 N ° 365, the information about users received from the Unified Identification System is reliable.

Identification of legal entities

If you are the head of an organization (company), having registered as an individual, you can add your organization in your account. To do this, you must present an EDS received in the name of the head of the organization in your office in the One ID system. By adding a legal entity, you can delegate your authority to other users (your employees) to use government services on behalf of your organization.

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