Open Data Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Open Data Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan


What is open data

Open Data is information posted on the Internet in the form of systematized data, organized in a format that ensures its automatic processing without prior human modification for the purpose of repeated open and free use.

Existence and availability

Open Data is available in full in electronic format with access via the Internet in convenient and modifiable form


Open data is provided for free use, distribution and interaction with other sources and data

Universal participation

Open data does not allow restricting access to information for both individuals and groups on any grounds

About the portal

New version of the Open Data Portal has been developed to ensure transparency of public authorities. In addition, the portal is designed to use open data in the activities of citizens, entrepreneurs, and specialists in various fields, as well as in data analysis, mobile applications development, research, etc.

Open Data Portal provides local scientific organizations and higher education institutions, as well as programmers and IT organizations with access to government and other data sets for the use of Artificial Intelligence software.

The main consumers of open data

Programmers and Developers

They use this data in their programs or help others to analyze this data. In many countries competitions are held to create applications based on Open Data.

Public organizations

Open data will allow social organizations to monitor the activities of the state. For example, a map of Europe's environment was created with the help of 'open data'.

Mass media

These are journalists who possess tools for structuring and analyzing data. A properly constructed graph or diagram will be more understandable than a few pages of textual information.

State bodies

Open Data will allow to attract citizens and businesses to create new products that allow saving public funds.


Citizens can use the open data programs created to improve personal comfort, for example, residents of London are already doing.

Business representatives

Open data published by the government can also be a means of making a profit.

Home page design

Opportunities of the new version Open Data Portal

Ability to store data in a standardized form, enter the geographic location of an object on an interactive map

Mechanism for taking into account the needs of the population and business entities in open data sets

Automatic control the timely publishing and updating of open data sets

Convenience for users when working with data, including for the visually impaired

Ability to attach a unique identifier to each information and use it to place, process, store and search for relevant information

Monitoring system for timely updating of information and the ability to send messages to the personal accounts of ministries and agencies about information that is not posted in a timely manner

Function of integrating departmental information systems and resources of public agencies with a portal has been introduced to establish operational data updates

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